Al Allestimenti is specialized in the creation of innovative and high quality exhibition stands.  Starting from the design of the exhibition space, A.L works with care and attention to detail, respecting the customer’s requests to provide a complete and reliable service. Each project is realized with the better performances ,to satisfy all costumer’s needs.


To create a marketing and promotional edge, our designers and search for the most effective emotional impact, developing solutions that are able to marry originality with quality to bring your ideas to life.

We offer our clients, designers and creative people the full service of a technical team who can develop, engineer and render any sort of design, following with loving care all the technical preparation for a correct build and setup respecting costumers needs.


Our logistics department organizes every single phase of the project and coordinates the teams that will be sent on site for assembly and disassembly, in order to guarantee the achievement of your objectives. Transport and assistance are guaranteed throughout Europe by our shipping department.

Our and guaranteed service includes:
– Logistics: packaging and transport of materials.
– Assembly: assembly of the stand components, carried out with the utmost precision in order to achieve the set up by following the project and the customer’s instructions;
– Disassembly: removal of exhibition facilities and transport of materials, in compliance with the current regulations in terms of waste disposal.


Al Allestimenti is able to follow the project in all its phases, also dealing with the management and compilation of paperwork, permits and agreements with the fair authority. This management service guarantees the customer time savings.


Our costumized stand are storaged in our wharehouse upon request.
The customers as the security that all components and accessories of the stand won’t be damaged.


Filling the spaces with furnishing accessories and custom-designed furniture defines the “character” of those who commission them.

The technical knowledge and our experience learned through years of training, allow us to design and make furniture items tailored to the needs of our customers.

Each design element, from the single table, to the complete furnishing of working spaces, is realized with precious materials and workmanship, in order to obtain a functional and design product, in style with the client’s requests, and which lasts over time.